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EIGEN Staking


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Can EIGEN be staked?

Yes! Staking EIGEN allows you to secure Actively Validated Services (AVSs) on EigenLayer. This important role complements ETH staking, which focuses on different types of network faults. Currently, you can stake EIGEN to secure EigenDA, the high-performance data availability system supporting Ethereum rollups. Soon, you'll have even more AVS options to choose from.

Will I earn rewards for staking EIGEN?

Yes, your staked EIGEN will be considered in future stakedrop seasons and will earn fees from AVSs.

When can I start staking?

Staking EIGEN and delegating to an Operator is now open at

Follow this video Guide and Review the Docs here.

How does unstaking EIGEN work?

Given EIGEN’s innovative forking capabilities, unstaking includes a 24-day waiting period. This isn't an arbitrary choice – it's crucial for upholding essential security properties of the ecosystem. For further details, consult the whitepaper here or summary posted here.

Are investors and core contributors eligible for staking rewards?

Currently, no EIGEN staked by investors or core contributors will be considered for future stakedrop rewards.