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What is a stakedrop? An airdrop designed for EIGEN staking. Learn more about staking here.

Season 1 Allocation: 6.75% of initial EIGEN supply.

Future Seasons: a total of 15% of initial supply has been set aside for community stakedrops.

Season 1 Snapshot Date: March 15, 2024.

Season 1 Claim Window: May 10, 2024 – September 7, 2024 (120 days).

Claim Site:

100 Bonus EIGEN has been allocated to everyone who was a part of Season 1 and those who directly restaked ETH or LSTs with EigenLayer between the March 15th snapshot date and the April 29th Stakedrop announcement.

Community first: Until transfer restrictions are removed, there will be no EIGEN staking rewards for core contributors or investors, and no inflation.